Benefits of brain teasers

Do you want to keep your memory strong, to boost your brain power and to improve a lot of skills? There is an entertaining method of meeting this challenge: different kinds of brain teasers for all tastes.

A very useful game  

The best way to intensify brain activity is to solve a puzzle. It helps to develop intellectual sphere:

  • analysis,
  • spatial thinking,
  • logic,
  • ingenuity,
  • ability to think about difficult tasks, and so on.

For successful solving one must possess such qualities as perseverance and patience. And the puzzles are very important for those who have the wish to grow and to realize self-improvement.

You can get a puzzle not only for yourself or your child. Many people often give them as a present to their friends, relatives, etc.

Reasons to have at least one puzzle

The major advantages and benefits of puzzles for adults:

  1. Better memory. Get some puzzles solved every day and connections between your brain cells will be reinforced. Hence the generation of new relationships will increase. It works well especially for short-term memory.
  2. High intelligence quotient (IQ). Brain teasers train intelligence, expand vocabulary. Therefore, they will definitely help you to raise your IQ.
  3. Good mood. After you have successfully solved a problem, a little dose of dopamine releases in your blood. So you feel better.
  4. Skills of solving problems. You try different ways of solving puzzles and it gives you a chance to become a worker in demand.
  5. Education skills. For example, crossword puzzles might help you to improve your spelling and vocabulary.
  6. Delay dementia. Puzzles keep the mind active and it helps the new nerve cells to grow.
  7. Lower level of stress. The brain relaxes during the process of solving puzzles. It relieves stress and increases your self-confidence.
  8. Better attention, especially to details.You train your eyes and it improves the quality of your work.

There are many kinds of puzzles boxes, made of different materials.

Puzzles made of wood

It is one of the most popular types. You can discover a huge variety of them such as boxes, drawers, disks and so on. The advantages of wooden puzzle are numerous:

  • Natural material. Wood does not cause allergy and does not release any toxic substances.
  • Strength and durability. You can hardly break such things. For example, a secret box will serve you for a long time.
  • Safety. Injury risk during solving wooden puzzles is nearly eliminated.
  • Reliability. They are immune to physical stresses. Good smell. Who does not like the scent of the wood!
  • Pleasant tactile sensation. It improves one’s mental health and helps to break the tension and to relax.

Puzzles made of metal

At first glance metal puzzles seem very simple. But it can take a lot of time to solve one. You can practice logic, concentration and focus by solving lock puzzle made of metal iron material. Pros:

  • Reasonable price. Many of them don’t cost too much.
  • Strength. Metal things are the toughest.
  • Portability. They are the most compact puzzles.

Get some puzzles and you will see, that solving them is a very fun and useful way to spend free time.

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