Best brain teaser puzzles 2020 for kids and adults

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Classic puzzles relieve stress and help you spend time with benefits. At all times, engineers have worked not only to create practical everyday products designed to make our lives easier, but also to build little masterpieces of science which are called puzzles.

The puzzle box is a kind of game that you need to solve. You need to correctly position the parts, choose a combination to create a completed figure. When you solve such brain teasers, you working out your creative, mathematical, volumetric, spatial, and logical thinking. However, you learn to look at the situation using a non-standard point of view. People were keen on unusual puzzles at all times. European sailors built the tower of Jenga trying to kill time. 

Who Are the Puzzles For?

Brain teasers are perfect for both children and adults. Puzzles have no age limit. Kids can try to solve classic puzzles including a Rubik’s Cube and puzzle boxes from the age of 7 when children can already focus attention.

Modern manufacturers are faithful to traditions, but love experiments, so the iToys- Shop also sells both classic puzzle games, which have long been loved by an audience of intellectuals, and the brain teasers from modern engineers.

Types of puzzles

There are metal, wooden and cardboard puzzles, multi-tasking volumetric, or small pocket ones. This is a real paradise, both for lovers of smart games and for connoisseurs who want to add a new interesting mind-breaker to his collection.

Classic Brain Teaser Puzzles

In addition to classic cardboard puzzles, each game can have a different number of elements and the type of their cutting: from the widespread and classic rectangular with protrusions and cavities to triangular, round and oval pieces, as well as pieces of other shapes. There are also wooden puzzles made from high-grade wood and coated with environmentally friendly paints.

3D puzzles

3D puzzles or magic cubes are voluminous puzzles of medieval buildings, cars, ships, houses with gardens, or Seven Wonders of the World. Using a special protective layer allows you to collect them in such a way that the structure does not fall apart. 

Secret boxes

There are a few types of secret boxes. You need to disassemble some boxes into parts, and then try to put them together. Pick the right combination of elements, find the will, patience, and intellectual ability. The most amazing thing is that the solution will be simple, one that will make you smile with surprise. But it will be at the very end, and first, try to figure out how to solve the secret box.

Wooden – Secret Box Labyrinth Maze

This is a special kind of puzzle that is suitable for players of any age. No one knows what the puzzle is prepared for you there. You have to figure it out yourself. In addition to the original maze, you will also receive a 100% fascinating game. You have to find a way out of the maze – such secret boxes are always exciting and develop your brain.

Wooden – Secret Box Lover Gift “Love”

There is also another type of wooden puzzle called Secret Box Lover Gift “Love”. That is classic Japanese puzzle boxes, which can take various shapes. Access to such a box is not so easy to find. Such a box at first glance may seem that it does not open. But in fact, you need to think and figure out how to unlock this magic box.

Japanese Puzzle Boxes

These beautiful wooden boxes open when you make a series of moves. Try to move the edges. If you move them in the right direction and in the correct sequence, press the secret levers correctly, the Japanese box will show you what it hides. The simplest boxes can be opened in just 3-4 steps, and in more complex variations it may take 50 or more steps! Lock the box using a reverse pattern. Here you will need either a remarkable savvy or an amazing memory.

Mechanical puzzles

Mechanical puzzles are a great way to train the brain for children and adults. Collect and rotate a colored element to collect the necessary item or combination. Applying all his logical skills, patience, and, in some way, luck.

Brainteaser is a classy present for any event if you want to surprise someone with an original gift. Such mechanical puzzles. Such mechanical puzzles surprise and attract attention. Be sure that your gift will be remembered and will make someone think about you every time it is picked up.

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