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This great Japanese puzzle box is a traditional puzzle. In Japan it’s well-known as Himitsu Bako , and it’s a symbol of wisdom and cleverness. This traditional toy is available for everybody who is in love with brain teasers. Maybe you’re looking for a special present for somebody? Then pay attention to this idea, it can be really surprising! Find the appropriate opening sequence and open it.

Japanese secret boxes are a wonderful way to entertain yourself and give it as a special gift. At the same time, it’s functional and can be used for keeping valuable things in it. Upper part, made in the technique of breathtaking traditional Japanese marquetry, would definitely fit into any interior and attract attention to it.

Main features of the secret box

The main characteristics of this puzzle, that should be paid attention to are as follows:

  • Great variety of different difficulty levels;
  • Creative approach that helps to develop cleverness;
  • Interesting design.
  • Each puzzle is handmade of wood from different colors and is absolutely unique. New experience while opening it is guaranteed.

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Additional information


Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Yellow



Age Range

> 6 years old






Geometric Shape


No play Under 3 years old




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