Puzzles as a gift to your loved ones in 2020.

Original Wedding Ring Secret Box v2

Various brain teasers are gaining popularity on all continents. In most cases, they are purchased for a gift to their loved ones. Let’s look at the most popular ones:

Lock puzzle.

This type of logical problem is based on a trick of the famous illusionist Houdini. The task of the lock-puzzle is to open the castle in the shortest possible time and get out of the shackles. But how? It’s worth thinking about!

Wooden puzzle.

This type of puzzle appeared in Ancient Mesopotamia and was a logical problem for determining an unknown quantity.  The main task is to solve problems, disassemble and assemble the puzzle using logic. The types of wooden puzzles include:

  • Secret box. One of the most difficult logic games known all over the world. The uniqueness of the game lies in the inability to open the box using a handy tool, you can only open it by applying logic.
  • Puzzles boxes. This type differs from the previous one by an easier solution to the problem and additional storage space for small valuables.

Each puzzle game is unique, so this is the best option for a gift to a person of any age!

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